Black Box Wireless Ethernet Extenders (LWE200 Series)


One of the easiest ways to extend your Ethernet network across campus or across town is with Wireless Ethernet Extenders. Use these extenders to set up high-powered, long-distance line-of-sight, point-to-point connections up to 15 miles (24 km) apart. Use these extenders in any number of wireless extension applications. Because of their very high data throughput, they can easily transmit high-definition video from security cameras.

They are also useful for transmitting monitoring data in industrial settings, campus environments, medical complexes—anywhere you need robust and secure wireless transmission. You can even use them to power remote workstations. Your data is safe too. The extenders use AES 128-bit encryption.

These extenders come in a NEMA-rated, weatherproof aluminum enclosure so they can be used in the worst environments. A rubber gasket seals and protects the connector port from the weather.

Justin Wallace
11 months agoJuly 20, 2020
Need price and delivery on a set of LWE200 Ethernet extenders. Distance is about 500 yards.
I also have an application that is about 1-mile.

Justin Wallace
Cell 478-960-9661
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